What is the Warranty Process?

The manufacturer will conduct an inspection of the product to ascertain its eligibility for warranty coverage. If the product is indeed covered under warranty, the manufacturer will proceed to repair or replace it accordingly.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. Products sold on Oodi.com carry a limited warranty offered by the brand’s manufacturer or distributor for a limited period against manufacturing defects only.
  2. Oodi facilitates the repair process by coordinating with the respective service centres. Warranty covers repairing or providing replacement of defective parts through service partners, not entire product replacement.
  3. Original invoice is required for verification of product details and warranty period validation.
  4. Oodi aims for a warranty repair turnaround time of twenty-five (25) working days from product receipt to dispatch.
  5. Warranty continues after repair/replacement, remaining valid for the unexpired period. Time taken for repair/replacement and transit is not excluded from warranty period.
  6. Manufacturer/distributor or authorized service centres may retain replaced parts.
  7. Warranty is not available for free items & packaging accessories unless specified.
  8. Refer to product listings for warranty applicability.
  9. Repair/replacement under warranty terms does not extend or renew the warranty period. Warranty terms are set by product brand manufacturer.

When Warranty Becomes Invalid? The limited Warranty Policy becomes invalid due to:

  1. Damage caused by power surges or other electrical fluctuations.
  2. Damage caused using unauthorized accessories.
  3. Damage caused by environmental factors like moisture, extreme temperatures, or pests.
  4. Defects or malfunctions from improper care, misuse, or mishandling of the product, or contrary to product manual instructions.
  5. Removal, alteration, or tampering with original serial number/IMEI/identification.
  6. Damage from accident, liquid, physical damage, misuse, neglect, or unauthorized repairs/modifications.
  7. Model name and serial number mismatch or alteration.
  8. Device malfunction due to third party software installation, customized settings, & antiviruses.

Warranty Providers:

Warranty services provided by authorized service centres are not operated by Oodi.com. Customer may escalate a complaint or contact warranty service provider directly if required.

Warranty applies only to products purchased within the United Arab Emirates (the “Territory”). Replacement and repaired products or parts are shipped only to addresses within the Territory.

In case customer refuses product after processing warranty claim, it will be stored in Oodi’s warehouse for a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days after which customer will not be eligible for return.