Buying As A Gift? Save the hassle of going outside to buy wrapping paper and instead, leave it to us (for FREE). You can ask us to wrap up the item(s) you have ordered in perfect gift wrap packing and deliver it. Our complimentary gift-wrapping service makes it easy and saves you serious time, hassle and money. Wrapped in beautiful and colorful wrapping paper your gift can be sent to any address you choose.

How does it work?

  • Add your items(s) to the shopping cart.
  • Select the gift-wrapping service from the shopping cart page. You can see this option as a gift icon just below the product tile in the shopping cart page.
  • If you have only one quantity just put the check mark, if you have more than one in quantity, select the number of item(s) to be gift-wrapped from the drop list. There will be no fee for gift wrapping the items!
  • Press the checkout button to complete.


Note: Some items cannot be gift wrapped because of their large size, awkward shape, or because they're too fragile--these items will often be shipped in their original box rather than gift wrap packaging. If this is the case, we will contact you to inform you about this.